Ayurvedic Guru Kula Practitioner Training 

 Level 1


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CLASSES BEGINs - September 

 2014Registration Must Be Completed Prior To Class Date

2014 Guru Kula I

Semester Class Schedule

NAMA Approved – Classroom Work and Hands on ProgramTerm – 500 hours



Introduction , History , Cosmology , PhilosophyFebruary 15-16Gunas, 3 doshas Theory, Factors of living, 5 herbs and food preparation



Observations: basic pulse, eye examination, tongue, nails malas ( body Waste ), facial and saliva evaluation



The subdoshas, 5 Herbs, Food PresentationMarch 29-30Vikriti, Evaluation of Ama, Causes of Imbalance and dis- ease, 5 Herbs



The 6 Taste, Proportions of the taste for each Dosha Vipaka ( post Digestive)




Diets for Doshas Nutrition, Vitamins, Minerals, Immune Boosting Foods



The Dhatus, Functions, Nutrition, Dosha in the Dhatus



The Srotas, Subtle Forces, The 40 Agnis



Herbal, Preparations, Management of the doshas, Ways to Use Herbs



Ayurveda & Aromatherapy, Uses, chemical, Constituents Blending for The Doshas


April 19-20How to do a Consultation, Successful Business Practice



Ancient Ayurvedic Healings Therapies





8-9case studies



Case studiesAugust 24Graduation





Ayurvedic School Level 2


NAMA Approved –


Classroom Work and Hands on Program Fall Term 2013-2014 / 200 Hours(All


Saturday Classes)


September 28th


Pancha Karma as a Healing ModalityPractice of Shiro, Lepa and TarpanaHistory of Medicine, Religion & different Cultures


October 19th


Meditation & Healing ModalityPractice of Different MeditationsSoul Healing for different body types


November 16th


Mind a Vehicle to HealHow to Strengthen ImmunityHerbs & BlendsDecember 21stAllergies and Herb InteractionHerbal Families


January 18th


Pranayam, Breathing Exercises & Their BenefitsThe many Yoga’s & Yoga for Body Types



Aromatherapy II


Oil Layering and Marma PointsChemical Components in Aroma Therapy


March 22nd


Advanced Western Anatomy Physiology


April 19th


Integration of Food as a Medicine for Healing


May 10th


Reversing the Aging Process- Longevity HerbsBiology of Relationship


June 21st


Final & Graduation

Pancha Karma Training


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305 467 2822


Hands on Training Covers the Following:


Purva Karma: palliative or preparatory process designed to loosen and liquify toxins (ama) using oi (snehana) and sweating(svedhana) methods.


What you will be learning:


Extended oleation

(abhyanga)Indian Massage, Marma Points

Lymphatic drainage Shirodhara,

Shiro BastiInternal oleation (snehapana) according to body type (dosha)

Svedhana: Body Wrap, Lepa, Pinda Svedhana, Pizichili, Bashp Svedhana

Daily YogaPractice

Appropriate Diet (recipes and food preparation according to dosha)


Pancha Karma:


“Pancha” means “five”; “Karma” means “actions”,


used not only for healing but also for seasonal prevention and rejuvenation.


Therapies you will learn:


Nasya: nasal administration of medicted oils for different body types

Basti: medicated enemas, colima application

Virechana: administration of purgative substances

Vaman: emesis

Rakta Moksha: bloodletting, discussion of but not direct application


Uttara Karma:

follow-up practices after Pancha Karma to rebuild the tissues through proper diet and lifestyle.


Other Therapeutic Procedures you will learn and receive:


Tarpana: relationship healing ceremonyAyurvedic facials for different body types


Karma Purana:

Ear treatment Liver and Gallbladder flushAyurvedic application of essential oils for Pancha Karma


Pizhichil: continuous pouring of warm oil over the entire body


Uttara Bashti: douching enema


Netra Basti: medicated eye bath


Katti Basti: lower back bath therapy


Udvartana: body scrub with medicated herbs & spices


Indictions and contra-indications for all treatments

dyUttara Bashti: douching enemaNetra Basti: medicated eye bathKatti Basti: lower back bath therapyUdvartana: body scrub with medicated herbs & spicesIndictions and contra-indications for all treatments


PrerequisiteMust Be An Ayurvedic Practitioner





About the Instructors


Light Miller, D.D.


Light Miller, ND., DD. received her B.S. in Social Science from UC Berkeley, became a Certified Massage Therapist at the LA School of Massage in 1967 and has since acquired over 32 years experience as a health practitioner.


In addition to providing individual health counseling and teaching seminars, Light has trained and certified over 500 massage therapists.


She is currently the only woman out of the 18 practitioners of Kaya Kalpa in the world. Kaya Kalpa is a branch of Ayurvedic Mystical Medicine, the oldest recorded healing art.


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Dr. Bryan Miller, D.C.


Dr. Bryan A. Miller, D.C. received his Chiropractic degree from Western States Chiropractic College. His unique ability as a healer is the result of extensive knowledge of the body’s systems and functioning, gained through more than 20 years of on-going studies in holistic health, massage, herbology, acupressure, diet, nutrition, bioenergetics and psychology.


Bryan has been teaching at Everglades University since 2006, as one the main teachers of the alternative health program.


Bryan’s passion is Cross Fibre Massage combined with Rebirthing breath and Forgiveness Ritual.


He loves teaching and is a Kaya Kalpa practitioner.