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Bringing you experts in the areas of Nutrition, Success, Business Development, Dating

Relationships, Numerology, Astrology and Life Coaching to help you where ever you currently are in life, motivating to move you in the direction of exceeding your goals


What else is Possible?  


 What would your greatest life look like?


Take a step into the question and move to your next level.


Be the Cause, Take Action


Get out of your own way and Create a Life you Love!!!


Love, Health, Peace & Prosperity are already yours now just step into it.


We are ready for your call.


The Coaches and Consultants that you will find in this network are Souls of a high class of character. 


They are all talented & Gifted in their field and to those that experience them, they are seen as Super Heroes!!!!


They all move from a heart centered space and truly care about raising their vibration and the vibration of the world around them.


That means YOURS as well.


They have chosen a purpose of service and our present to help YOU


We are all gifted through source to be able to create our dreams into reality. 


For thought precedes matter and through a focused plan based on the practice of gratitue can our hearts desire whether it be love, prosperity,Health or peace be truly delivered to us so we may bathe in delightment


What do you want for yourself?

What Plan do you have in Place?

​What is the next call to action for the success of your goal?


How may we help you?


Call 800-679-6021 and Two digit extension Now to speak to a live coach or consultant or to schedule an appointment send message with the date/ time/ call back number and the name or extension of the coach or consultant you want to connect with.





Coaching Statistics And Effectiveness


Coaching has been defined in a doctoral level study as: A relationship where a coach supports, collaborates with and facilitates client learning by helping a client to identify and achieve future goals through assessment, discovery, reflection, goal-setting and strategic action. (Brenda Wilkins, Ph.D., University of Montana)Measuring Coaching Effectiveness


— A study* published in late 2001 looked at the behavioral change, organizational outcomes and return on investment from executive coaching as a leadership development practice. It included 100 U.S. executives, 66 males and 34 females holding positions of vice president or above, who completed coaching programs from six to twelve months in duration. The study proposed that coaching translates into action, which translates into business impact, which impact can be quantified and maximized.


Overall the study showed a 5.7 times return on the initial investment in coaching. The executives who received coaching reported the following benefits as tangible business impacts (% = frequency impact reported):


* Productivity (53%)* Quality (48%)

* Organizational strength (48%)

* Customer service (39%)

* Reduced customer complaints (34%)

* Company Retention of Executives who received coaching (32%)

* Cost Reductions (23%)

* Bottom Line Profitability (22%)

* Top Line Revenue (14%)

* Reduced turnover (12%)


The executives who received coaching also reported intangible business impact benefits through improved:

* Relationships with direct reports (77%)

* Relationships with immediate supervisors (71%)

* Teamwork (67%)

* Relationships With Peers (63%)

* Job Satisfaction (61%)

* Reduced Conflict (52%)

* Increased Organizational Commitment (44%)

* Relationships With Clients (37%)


*Study conducted by McGovern, Lindemann, Vergara, Murphy, Barker and Warrenfeltz with Manchester, Inc.

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