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Heidi D is one of the most inspirational rappers, songwriters, and poets serving the global community.  She seamlessly interweaves truth and imagination amid a nourishing buffet of lyrical alchemy.  ✦  Through wise & wizardly wordplay, soulful melodies, and deeply penetrating performances, the noble emcee explores the purposeful struggles and glorious triumphs of life, while sharing her contagious passion & vision for a new world.  ✦  Heidi D is a LovEvolutionist whose artistic & philanthropic contributions help to eliminate societal & cultural stereotypes and shine light upon the challenging dichotomy of the human experience. ✦  Her empowering music is driven by a heartcore desire to unite harmoniously as a human family and thrive together in a peaceful world. ✦  In addition to her mastery in the art of rhythmic rhyming & storytelling, Heidi D is the founder & executive development coordinator of the children’s non-profit organization:  Foundations For Happiness, as well as a certified energy healer and holistic counselor.  ✦  She lives a pure & authentic life as a vitalized vegan and divinely attuned Earth Leader.