This page is dedicated to my teachers and friends. Men and women that care not only about bettering themselves, but also the world around them

Together we are stronger than apart!!!!

Marcoantonio J Lee

Anahata OM


Joining the Knowledge of Kabbalah and Ayurveda together as ONE.


My name is Marcoantonio Jack Lee and I am a licensed Massage therapist.Lic # MA55755. I offer services to help you feel better physically and emotionally by providing you with a Organic Modalities to help relieve pain, emotional, stress, get in shape or to lose weight.

Ask me about my Organic Healing Sessions packages

Sara Molano​​​

Sara Molano began painting when, at the young age of six, her mother found her doodling on the walls of the house and quickly entered her into art classes. This was in Medellin, Colombia, where Molano was born on December 15, 1975. At 15, Molano moved to Chile's capital, Santiago, and entered the art school Abadia.

She found herself in her first exposition at the Palacio de la Alhambra (Fine Arts) where her work as a young new artist was praised. Her choices then were landscapes using oil, but upon her arrival in Miami Florida three years ago, Molano discovered acrylics and has been using this medium since.

Val Silidker

Expand The Love

Expand the Love is an organization dedicated to building community and uniting communities who share a common vision: the transformation of our world through gratitude, awareness, compassion and wisdom. Through mindful living events, featuring music, dance and the arts, gatherings, workshops, and ceremonies focused on personal development, mind/body & environmental awareness, ETL creates sacred space to celebrate life and share our gifts as we learn and evolve together.

Val Silidker

Inspired Life Workshops


Inspired Life Workshops provides powerful transformational workshops that invite participants to explore what is truly alive in them and connect more profoundly with our world. Through deep process work, experiential exercises, in-depth teachings and discussions, interactive games and profound self-inquiry, we create a safe environment to allow real transformation to take place.

Jennifer Grace Safina

The Center of Grace

Executive Dream Producer, Hay House Author and Motivational Speaker. Debut book, Directing Your Destiny, will be published in June 2013.

Jennifer Grace Safina has a B.A. in communications from the University of Arizona. She spent eight years on Wall Street in investment banking, then crossed over into the creative world and became a SAG actress, filmmaker, and screenwriter. In the last few years she has taken her business knowledge and creative expertise and blended them into becoming an Executive Dream Producer, which gives her the opportunity to help others discover their personal dreams and then launch them into reality. She is trained and certified in Creativity in Business, the famed Stanford University Personal Transformation Masters Degree Course, which she teaches locally in South Florida at The Standard Hotel in Miami, where she is the resident Dream Coach. A strong advocate of community giving, Jennifer Grace volunteers her time and services to Women in Distress and The Sober House. She is currently leading workshops in Miami, Davie, Fort Lauderdale and online, on her soon to be released book on manifesting your dreams entitled, “Directing Your Destiny.”

Michael and Chana Rosenfeld​


True The Real U Expressed

  • We believe that each and every person is entitled to true love.

  • We believe that for true love to occur one must be authentic and share their greatest gifts and challenges with their partner.

  • We believe that relationships eventually fall apart when people hold back their truth.

  • We believe that the healthiest and happiest relationships have authenticity, trust, purpose and passion as main ingredients. 

  • We  are certain that by being T.R.U.E (The Real U Expressed) you create the opening for T.R.U.E Love!



Carmen Garzon


The Goddess Store​



Serving the community of artist and holistic practitioners in downtown Hollywood for over 10 years. It is a dance & culture center. Specializing in world dance classes, specially belly dance, flamenco, African dance, African Drumming, Bollywood, Kundalini yoga, tai chi, capoeira and healing. We teach all the styles of belly dance, oriental belly dance, tribal belly dance, Turkish and fusions. We also have a gift shop. We sell belly dance clothing & accessories, yoga wear, candles, goddess statues, conscious books, new age products, incense, jewelry and so much more.

Michelle Alva​

I am an integrative energy healer, holistic physical therapist, belly dance teacher, yoga therapist, speaker and writer. I offer private one-on-one and group "experiential" and "multi-sensory" lectures and workshops at Canyon Ranch Miami Beach. My passion is to educate and empower individuals to re-connect to their innate power through a combination of eastern and western self-healing modalities.

Integrative Healing Therapy sessions with Michelle Maniaci, PT, RYT, EHP, CIIM seeks to align, balance and clear your body, mind, breath and spirit. Michelle allows herself to be Divinely guided to bring you a deeply healing, empowering and transformational experience that teaches you simple and effective ways to clear, align and reconnect to your Authentic Nature that is always Whole and Complete.

Heighten self-awareness as you allow past traumas, tensions or stresses to release for a profound sense of serenity, vitality, pleasure, openness, and relaxation on all levels.

Rabbi Marc Labowitz


To bring joy, meaning and purpose to life by identifying universal truths rooted in Torah, Kabbalah and other traditional Jewish sources creating the "I can't wait to go to temple" feeling.


Jewish renewal is a worldwide, trans-denominational movement grounded in Judaism's prophetic and mystical traditions. Jewish renewal carries forward Judaism's perpetual process of renewal. Renewal honors the important and unique role of each denomination and does not seek to become a denomination.

Because of the emphasis on direct spiritual experience, mystical or Kabbalistic teachings, Jewish Renewal is sometimes referred to as Neo-Hasidic or Four Worlds Judaism (a reference to the "four worlds" of Jewish mysticism). While we seek to restore the spiritual vitality characteristics of the Hasidic movement of pre-war Europe, we believe that Judaism is an evolving religious civilization. This differentiates us from the Baal Tshuvah movement, which we refer to as Restorationist.

Jewish renewal seeks to bring creativity, relevance, joy, and an all embracing awareness to spiritual practice, as a path to healing our hearts and finding balance and wholeness - tikkun halev.

Jewish renewal acts to fully include all Jews and to respect all peoples.

Jewish renewal helps to heal the world by promoting justice, freedom, responsibility, caring for all life and the earth that sustains all life - tikkun olam.

Valerie Leeds

Invigorate U

Invigorate U empowers, inspires and re-connects you to our greatness in mind, body and spirit! Wellness & Self-Development



Invigorate U will guide you through an integrative approach to mind-body improvement and accelerated performance. We customize programs uniquely for you to remove blocks from the body level all the way to the mindset.

Integrative Bodywork and Energy Therapy on a massage table and our unique Personal Development Services are catered to identify areas of improvement and amplify individual strengths.

This is a one-on-one process to accelerated performance by reminding you of skills and abilities you already possess, and then introduction and application of new tools that can re-energize you to achieve even higher levels of success in both your personal and professional life.


Lisa Pumper


Yoga Community Of South Florida


As a yoga teacher and leader in the South Florida Yoga Community my intention is to bring more awareness of peace, joy and wellness to the world. By using my own Yogic experiences in my teachings, my heart’s aspiration is to  light a clear path for all to journey into blissful healing and wellbeing.

Adriana Love Driven

Let Love be the driving force behind everything you do


Through LoveDriven, it is my wish to contribute my views of Life, Love and how I perceive the Universe, God-des, Creation, and the relationship we share, in Union.
The primary focus is Self-Healing. We are all equipped to nurture ourselves and repair any dis-ease with the introduction of awareness and conscious breath, to begin. Its a life long path :) and I would love for you to come along!

The powerful force of Love flows through our bodies constantly inviting and enticing us to tune into the frequency of Divinity, to embrace it to feel the bliss of Love & Light through our experience on Earth. This energy is our fuel, it’s what drives us to be and become as we learn. This driving-force of Love Divine guides me in my journey, LoveDriven.
When you visit the website you will find the journey of my research and personal opinions on topics such as Life, Being, Creation and the beginning, Divine Love, Spirituality, Mother Earth and all things natural,The Breath, Unity, our natural Intuition, and oh so much more!
Healing thru Energy and the Natural Elements, Yoga, Meditation. Workshops, classes and events are also shared thru the calendar.

Lourdes Starshower​

I'm a Tantric Healer/ Educator, Sacred Sexuality Coach and Clinical Hypnotherapist. I help people heal whatever stands in their way of experiencing their full Divine Ecstatic Sexual Expression.

Banu Yuceler Hantal

                    "The Brain Hygienist"



Consultant, coach and educator. Banu is an advocate for brain hygiene, i.e. creating right conditions and exercising the right neural pathways to improve performance and wellbeing.

DR George Xavier Love Jr. Doctoer of Oriental Medicine

Love Chinese Medicine



We teach Medical Qi Gong, Food Therapy, Ear Reflexology, Juicing, Fasting, Meditation, Breathing, Psycho-puncture and Meridian Therapies.



Dr. Love is trained as Buddhist Psychologist, Daoist Qigong Master and Doctor of Oriental Medicine. He is Licensed Acupuncture Physician, Lineage holder and Master of Blue Dragon Qi Gong. Herbalist, Chef and Raw food teacher.


General Information

We teach self-Healing with Juicing, fasting and Food prep classes. We teach self-massage with anti-aging facials, ear Reflexology and Meridian Qigong massage. WE also focus on teaching medical qigong and psycho-pressure tapping for emotional and spiritual balance.


ILawrence Huff

Jyotish Astrology



MEDITATION, YOGA -- Classes and workshops. Usually for free or by donation, given in libraries, schools and by invitation.

VEDIC ASTROLOGY – Workshops and privates. My approach to Jyotish, “the science of light”, is to focus on the spiritual path and our connection with the universe and the inner/outer Divine. Guidance and advice on life-problems is only a bonus. Done person or via telephone, and recorded. More info at

YOGA THERAPY – Privates sessions. Ailments and problems of all types are treated thru a combination of: specific meditations, mantras and affirmations, exercises and diet and life style recommendations


As we further awaken to consciousness, many of us find ourselves seeking ways to give back to our community; we realize that what we receive is directly related to what we give. When you find yourself at this point of considering which organizations/missions you’d like to support, whether through time and/or money, we’d love for you to consider the Naam Yoga Miami Healing and Research Center as a beneficiary.



Naam Yoga Miami (NYM) is a 501(c)(3) Non-Profit organization dedicated to health and wellness, with a focus on spirituality. Our mission is to serve and uplift the community through self-healing techniques to keep the mind sharp, the body healthy and the spirit high; we provide a “school for life.” NYM is dedicated to  serve through various activities and services, which include: Naam Yoga and Vinyasa Yoga classes, Special Events & Workshops, Massage Therapy, Acupuncture, Harmonyum Healing, Homeopathy, Akashic Records Readings and Kabbalistic Astrology Consultations for businesses and individuals.



Specially designed programs to serve veterans, elderly and at-risk youth for healing and empowerment at no cost to them; making the community aware of our services; live streaming for worldwide access to our services and classes no matter where you are; and assistance in maintaining our Center in our central location of Miami Beach.



We’ve made it as easy as possible to be apart of our NAAM YOGA MIAMI DONORS PROGRAM on a monthly or annual basis.  Click the DONATE button for one-time donation or SUBSCRIBE button for monthly donation!



Inessa Freylekhman 


Feng Shui From The Heart



Feng Shui from the Heart is a blend of traditional Feng Shui principals of natural energy flow integrated with modern psychology to create an environment that inspires and empowers you to feel your best. Feng Shui can improve your environment no matter where it is. You can improve your home, bedroom or office. Feng Shui is very versitile in helping you live a smooth, happy and prosperous life.

Caryna Fernandez, CHt

                                   Modern Guru

Passionate about her mission to “assist others in reaching their wildest dreams of vibrant physical and mental health, unwavering gratitude and inner peace, and unlimited success and abundance”, Caryna Fernandez has devoted her life to the study of the mind/body balance and it’s effect on the potential of the individual to achieve their goals.

Certified in clinical hypnosis, personalized yoga and meditation counseling, and career and relationship coaching, Caryna integrates her training and experience and tailors each client’s process according to their specific needs..

“I assist my clients through Hypno-Coaching to create a vivid mental blueprint of the life they deserve to have, and to achieve that life by becoming an intellectual and vibrational match to it.”

Caryna is an active member of the International Association of Counselors and Therapists, and was recently certified as a Master Trainer of Hypnosis for Medical Professionals by the Institute for Advanced Neuro-Research and Education.

“My greatest achievement is serving as a stepping stone for others to achieve their goals.”

Carla Zamudio-Dolan

                                    CZD Balance 

As Owner/Founder of CZD Balance (, I've created a peaceful corner nestled within the series of tubes for you to get fresh and inspiring information on how to live the healthy lifestyle you have always dreamed of.

Angie Gonzalez aka Rainbow Girl

                          Permaculture Yogi


Is certified permaculture designer, yoga teacher, health coach, herbal practitioner in the Ayurvedic tradition and  thai massage practitioner.

In my search for health and wellness I found permaculture environments that promote optimal states of health for the planet and for the people.

I have now merged my passions of life. Health of mind, body, earth & culture.

My goal is to give you knowledge that will  ¨green¨  your  lifestyle , these tools will make it possible for you to create natural capital beyond you have ever  imagined.

What does that really mean ?

I am here to make you supportive to all life forms. To help you become an ecological superhuman from the inside out.

How ?

Through a series of classes, workshops, courses, hands on permaculture garden training out on the playground of the Earth.


Amber Ryan 

             5 Rhythms 


Amber is a healing artist with an embodiment and articulation of the 5Rhythms® that inspires depth and expansion. Her musical journeys deliver us into the heart & soul of our own beat and her leadership invites us to share our uniqueness in community.

With a rich background in theatre and dance, her professional credits include two time dance captain to Emmy award winning choreographer Mia Michaels, Manager of Productions at The Moving Center New York, and faculty for Gabrielle Roth’s first 5Rhythms Reach Out program for kids.  Amber continues to develop Ritual Theatre experiences which brings together her love of theatre and authentic primal movement for the purpose of individual and tribal healing.

Amber has earned degrees at Florida State University where she focused on classical theatre and at Florida School of the Arts where she danced her way into and through the Musical Theatre Program. After college Amber moved to New York City to study at The Moving Center with 5Rhythms® founder, Gabrielle Roth.  A year later she booked a contract role on ABC’s “One Life to Live”.

Amber currently lives in Nosara, Costa Rica where she offers 5Rhythms® classes and retreats. She is the founder of Kids In Motion Nosara and creator of the Sacred Arts Space.  She is on the annual faculty of the Omega Program at Blue Spirit and is getting ready to direct her first musical at Del Mar Academy in 2014.

Karina Skye

                Skye Healing Arts




Singer, songwriter, Yoga instructor, and visionary Karina Skye is a versatile artist with a powerful message. With original works ranging from acoustic to electronic, pop, and heavy metal, Karina not only strikes attention with her powerful vocals, but also fills a much needed gap in popular music through her awakening, inspiring and conscious lyrics. Her voice, message, and personality are sure to move and inspire you.



Cecy Lainez

              Smart Dating W/ Cecy


Busy and Single?

You've probably seen the concept on popular TV shows and movies but have you gone Speed Dating yet? Pre-Dating® is the world’s largest speed dating service focused on single professionals and is a fun and efficient way to meet new people. You'll meet up to a dozen other single professionals face-to-face in your age and interest group through a series of six minute "Pre-Dates" at a local club, café, or restaurant. We facilitate the whole thing so there's no awkwardness, no pressure, no embarrassment and no games... just great fun! Pre-Dating then emails each guest a list of participants who would like to hear from them again! Odds are you'll have one or more matches (more than two-thirds of Pre-Daters match with at least one person). Remember, now there's a better way. Before you date...Pre-Date!




SOULutions First Holistic Realty


Your home is not merely a structure built brick by brick but rather it is an extension or reflection of who we are, our family and our consciousness. Its is our bigger body to our smaller body. Your home is you and uses the same Elements as the human body, Earth, Air, Fir, Water and Space.  Ayurveda also knows as the Science of Life is the Medicine of yoga and teaches about and works with the Elements in Nature to bring balance and Harmony into our lives. I am bringing my knowledge of Ayurveda and infusing it into my Real Estate practice so that I can offer a Holistic approach towards the Soulution to your real estate needs, looking at all aspects of your families constituition and offering alternative soulutions that can provide you a return on your invest while also introducing energetic concepts to help balance and align your home to your families purpose and intention. I am your Advocate and will be holding your hand and making  what could other wise be a stressful experience to one that is peaceful easy and exciting!!!




Loni Duek

Born and raised in Argentina. With a background in Hospitality, Cooking & Teaching she discovered The power of Reiki a few years ago; and from that day on nothing was the same. A curious, sensitive, nature loving soul with a constant need to help, she realized she wanted to spread the benefits of Reiki, and heal. The shift she experienced in her life, allowed her to connect with her true essence and re-discover that Reiki & Spirituality were not simply another life phase, but a new way to perceive this world and live this life fully. Reiki awakened the Artist in Loni and it took her less than one and a half years to paint 400 paintings. With the help of Self-Reiki healing , Distant Reiki sessions, Individual & Group sessions Loni dedicates her time to spread the benefits of Reiki & Art, allowing everyone she gets to encounter, to be their best self.

Ayurvedic Healers Education Center


Welcome to the world-renowned Ayurvedic Center for Well Being in Hollywood, Florida. For more than 35 years, the Ayurvedic Center for Well Being has been providing the finest, and most highly personalized care to patients who seek to maintain and enhance their health, or seek relief for a variety of conditions.Our Center’s unwavering commitment to help individuals achieve health, happiness and balance in their lives is achieved through the loving application of the millenary principles of Ayurvedic medicine.For more information, please call us at: 954-923-4444.


Christian De la Huerta


For more than 20 years, Christian de la Huerta has been dedicated to facilitating personal transformation, to helping people tap into their Soulful Power—that deeper sense of purpose that lives within each and every one of us. An award-winning author, Christian is a respected teacher and sought-after speaker whose unique spiritual journeys, spiritual workshops and Self-Development Programs have been experienced in university lecture halls, non-profit organizations, houses of worship, corporate boardrooms and retreat venues around the world. His role can be described in a variety of ways: leadership consultant, group facilitator, relationship counselor, spiritual coach and beyond. Although his dedication manifests in a variety of ways for a diverse audience, all of Christian’s work shares a common result: profound personal transformation.



Budokon Miami


Budokon is dedicated to the evolution of the Human Spirit through the constant challenge of the Body & Mind, using the art and science of yoga and martial arts


Budokon is a martial arts inspired yoga that draws on the freedon of creative sequencing cultivated in Vinyasa yoga and the circular nature of martial arts


Budokon is the art of seamless transition coupled with the beauty of circular rotation


This style will change the way you move on the mat forever.

Purplewings Studios


Purple Wing Studio Mission StatementTo help conscious entrepreneurs who feel stuck and confused with branding and marketing, get clear and confident in their strategy so they can grow their authentic business and create the positive impact they desire. I specialize in brand development and strategy as well as design. In essence, I coach my clients through the process and give them a roadmap to follow. In addition to design, I now offer brand development, brand positioning, goal setting, brand strategy, design & campaign and my VIP branding package called beyond visuals... the branding experience.

Daniela Urrutia 

Way of the Rising Sun,


a medicine woman that shares ceremony, shamanic healings, and trainings with her community. Her passion is working with the medicine of nature and sharing ancient teachings with her community. Daniela is an Angel Theta Healing and Healing the Light Body practitioner as well as a massage therapist who has more than 15 years of experience. She has developed her own bodywork modality called Ancient Wisdom Massage and currently trains massage therapist in this holistic approach to bodywork. The core of her teachings are experiential, sacred, and supportive of the ongoing evolution of humankind and the Earth. She trained with the Four Winds at the Healing the Light Body School of shamanic energy medicine. Daniela is a full mesa carrier in her shamanic tradition. She is actively empowering women, especially in the stages of pregnancy offering healing modalities to assist them on their journey to motherhood. One of her biggest joys is sharing energy medicine with children giving them tools to be able to access their sensitivity and innate gifts. Her path is to share the ancient earth teachings that flow through her and the pure love that emanates from her heart.