Monday 2/18 7:30pm to 9Pm

Center Of Grace

132 NE 1st Avenue, Hallandale Beach, Florida

The class is the introduction to awakening the third eye charka to enhance one’s personal intuition. Simple everyday practices to awaken the sixth sense, to make daily tasks such as decision making easier with an inner knowing. Intergrading these practices will make it allows you to go with the flow and helps the ability to manifest your goals. People work intuitively in different ways, find out your personal intuitive technique and how to enhance your everyday knowing. Learn about ancient techniques practiced world wide to gain psychic knowledge and why and how these techniques work.

In this workshop we will be exploring:
·card readings
·ancient oriental water readings
·working with the pendulum
·basic palm readings
·automatic writing
·psychic knowing

Led by: Wisdom Professor Melissa Hevenor

Cost: Free


IWhen I was a little girl, I was diagnosed with cerebral palsy and to many people's surprise: I consider my condition a blessing straight from god. I am lucky because the condition does not affect my intellectual abilities and, in fact, enhances my spiritual gifts. From a young age I was able to tap into other people's feelings. I believe that because my condition requires that I spend a large part of my life bound to a wheelchair, the sedentary lifestyle allows me to focus and observe the subtleties of life that others can easily miss.

My scholarly background enhances my psychic attributes. Currently, I am working on a doctoral degree in Marriage & Family Counseling at Nova Southeastern University. I have two Master's degrees, one in Mental Health Counseling and the other in Rehabilitation Counseling. My undergraduate degrees are in Psychology and Theater Design with an emphasis on Creative Writing. I have over 1,000 hours working with autistic children and the children of victims of domestic violence

My vocal training and performance background will assist those clients who are seeking educational services related to how to meditate and elevate their overall spiritual vibration through music-enhanced therapeutic techniques.